Action: Congratulate Minister Hussen!

“Our government believes and knows the value of international aid, and the results that it delivers all around the world, and right here at home.” – Minister of International Development Ahmed Hussen

GRAN is asking us all to let Minister Hussen know how pleased we are that the Canadian government has allocated an additional investment of $350 million to humanitarian aid. It is a success won with the help of grandmother advocates across Canada. His contact information and tips on what to say are in following letter from GRAN.

Dear GRANs,

In spite of our fears, the Federal Budget this year surprised many of us with a small increase in spending on international assistance. The Budget announced $350 million over two years in additional humanitarian aid to respond to some of the most pressing needs around the world. This new investment from Canada comes at a time when we are seeing other countries reduce their spending on international assistance. We believe our advocacy made the difference.

After last year’s Budget, in which our government reduced spending on international assistance, we, along with many civil society advocates, mounted a sustained effort to draw attention to these reductions and we continued to press for additional investments in future Budgets. GRAN was a signatory and supporter of the collective efforts of more than 100 civil society organizations urging our government to live up to its commitments.  As individual GRANs, we sent postcards, letters, and emails, and some of us called or met with our MPs, all to encourage investment in international assistance. Thank you to each and every one of you for all your efforts that have made this difference. Well done, GRANs!

We would now like to follow up with messages of congratulations to Minister Hussen for Budget 2024. Please take the time to write a short email, post a letter, or make a quick phone call to his office. A thank-you can be a powerful advocacy message too!

Here are some ideas for what you might say.  Choose one or more in your message to him:

  • Thank you, Minister, for the additional investment of $350 million over two years in additional humanitarian aid.
  • I appreciate this increase was made in a very complex economic environment with many competing demands.
  • I hope that this increase signals that Canada is still committed to increasing aid spending year-over-year until 2030
  • Please be assured that members of the Grandmothers Advocacy Network across Canada will continue to support investments in a more peaceful and just world for all.

You can reach the Minister in these ways:

A big thank you, GRANs, for all you continue to do.  And congratulations on this particular collective success.


Linda and Sharon
GRAN Co-Chairs