OWG Update April 2024

Here’s a news summary from our April meeting:

  • OWG has raised more than $415,000 for the SLF since 2007!
  • Congratulations to One World Granny Maureen Murphy who is the recipient of this year’s Honour of GRAN award for her many years of outstanding photographic coverage of GRAN and grandmother groups.
  • SAVE THE DATE: June 5 for the regional GrannyFest gathering.
  • SAVE THE DATE: Our popular June storytelling evening is booked for the evening of June 26. Titled “Moon Magic,” it is once again being mounted in partnership with the Unitarian GoGos and members of Ottawa StoryTellers.
  • SAVE THE DATE: Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m: A Grandparents’ Day awareness and fundraising event on the Commanda Bridge.
  • A decision on the November GRAND Market will be made at the May meeting. Eight Grandmother Groups in the region are keen to participate. A couple of key positions need to be filled to make this big fundraiser a “go,” the most critical of which is a lead for the Treasures table. Contact Sue Ernest (sue.ernst@rogers.com) if you can help.
  • We are exploring participation in the Tamarack Race Weekend, May 25-26. If you want to walk 2 or 5 km with a happy gang of grannies, let Shelagh Jane know. (shelaghjane@gmail.com)
  • We are ending our fundraising with Tru Earth because the laundry strips are selling in retail stores for less.