In Namibia, Catholic AIDS Action Trust (CAA) works in the Zambezi region, the region hardest hit by HIV in the country. CAA focuses primarily on four areas: home-based family care and counselling, youth education and HIV prevention, care and support to orphaned and vulnerable children, and voluntary counselling and HIV testing. Their programs and services are available to everyone, but with a focus on those most vulnerable and most adversely affected by AIDS. The organization’s 1,200 volunteers are the backbone of its home-based and palliative care programs.

CAA’s health-care providers offer home-based care and support services at the community level in an isolated region of Namibia has limited public healthcare facilities. The health care providers are selected by community members and are trusted contacts who support families in addressing social- and health-related issues. The emotional and psychological support that health care providers offer is another essential component of the CAA home-based care program.

The family-centred model of care that CAA provides in the community starts with an initial home visit. A volunteer assesses a family’s particular needs, and is followed up with a tailored intervention plan to ensure each family member is getting the specific care required. CAA uses home visits as a way for community volunteers to identify the households most in need of support. Once identified, community volunteers provide direct support, and links to other service providers for children and their caregivers to access essential healthcare services.

These are only some of the SLF’s community-based partners, who are developing intergenerational HIV and AIDS programming that connects the bedrock of community to the collective work toward a promising future for all generations.

Namibia Catholic AIDS Action Home-based Care volunteers